The way this page was originally was getting waaay too long and annoying for you to have to scroll down to each week, so I'm gonna use this page to link to each quarter's walking pages so that you don't need to update your bookmarks or scroll down to the bottom each week, you can just click the appropriate link on this page and that'll take you to the quarter's page that you want to see. You'll still need to scroll down to get to the most recent bit, but because each page is only for a quarter of the year, it won't take as long and hopefully less annoying too.

Just need to remember to update this page each quarter now! lol

January to March 2019

April to June 2019

July to September 2019

October to December 2019

January to March 2020

April to June 2020

July to September 2020

October to December 2020

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