The puppy impressed me this week by doing an extra 100% than I like us doing... it's things like this that make me grateful for my poor maths lol We did 4100% extra this week which is about 4.1km extra during this week!! Here's the percentages for the first week of April 2019 and here's the side-stepping spreadsheet too.

Another 4000% extra this week (8th to 14th April 2019) and here are the weekly spreadsheets... first, as always is the walkies percentages here and here are my side-steps.

4100% extra last week (15th to 21st April 2019) and I completely forgot (thanks to the brain damage) to email the spreadsheets to myself last night, but it's sorted now, so here's the walking percentages and here's the side steps.

A huge 4200% extra this week (22nd to 28th April 2019) because the pup forced me to do an extra 50% on top of the extra's that we normally do twice this week. Here's this week's percentages and here's the side steps I've done.

Just the normal 4000% extra this week (29th April to 5th May 2019) and I think she's feeling her age now, 'cos as soon as we got home today, she zonked out on the sofa and fell asleep, bless 'er! Here's the side steps first for a change and here's the percentages.

A huuuuuuge 4500% extra in the walkies bank this week (6th to 12th May 2019), thanks to Monday's personal best. She's snoring away beside me right now. She wanted to more than the 600% today, but there's no way my legs could have safely coped with that so we came home instead. Here's the percentages and here's the side steps.

The senior puppy had a sleepover this week, so we didn't do *any* percents or side-steps yesterday but there's still an extra 3550% in the bank this week. Not ideal, but it's still over and above what I used to walk her when I first started counting the percents! Back then we came home after 100% and there wasn't a bank at all until I got that dappy step counter that decided to stop working in under 3 months! She's going for an early morning grooming session on Wednesday next week too (and another sleepover), so depending on what time she gets home and how exhausted she is when she get's back, Wednesday might me another 0% on the spreadsheet. We shall see. Anyway, here's this week's percentages and side-steps.

The senior pup went for another sleepover so that she could get groomed at 8am the next day, but we still managed 4100% in the bank 'cos she forced me to do 1000% twice this week. Here's this week's spreadsheets: percentages and side-steps.

It was a walk-athon this week! There's a huuuuge 4200% in the bank this week and she's going for another wash and brush-up in a couple of hours so she's done really well this week! Here's this week's spreadsheets: percents and side-steps.

If last week was a walk-athon, then what's this week?? 4400% extra in the bank and over the 600% I like us to do three times!! Here's this week's spreadsheets: percentages and side steps.

Pretty average week this week. 4100% extra in the bank, which is OK but not as good as last week. Not complaining though. Just to confuse you/the situation I'm gonna put the side steps first this week lol This is this weeks percentages before I forget. See you next week!

The puppy had diarrhoea one day this week so she didn't feel up to going for a walk and I didn't want to force her so we had a day off which doesn't happen very often and she was fine again the next day so this week's percentage is 500% extra less this week. Here's this week's percentages and Side Stepping. There's still 3500% extra in the bank which is less than normal, but the pup doesn't usually have explosive diarrhoea either! I'm thinking of maybe trying to increase the lengths to maybe 650% a day next week, just to see how we get on... you watch me forget though! lol

It's the puppy's 10th birthday today (Sunday 30th June 2019) and we've done a huge amount of extra walking this week... 150% extra extra's on Monday and 50% extra extra's each of the other 6 days. We are both absolutely wiped out now and the puppy has spent most of every day asleep and I've fallen asleep pretty much as soon as my head has hit the pillow every night too lol. It's good to push us occasionally though and I'm hoping that this week's percentages will be our new normal for the rest of Summer, but I'm gonna take my lead from the puppy as to when we next increase our distances 'cos she's an old lady and I'm not very stable on my feet, so if either of us can't cope with the extra next week then we'll just come home and the percentages can eff off for that day. We did a huge 4450% extra this week thanks to the extra extra's. My OCD wants us to do just 50% more than we've done this week so that it's a pleasing round number. I'm not gonna risk it though, I want us both to get used to the extra extra's that we did this week first so my OCD will just have to keep complaining for at least a few weeks yet. Here is this week's side-steps and here's the percentages. We've earned an early night tonight, I reckon lol.

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