First walkies spreadsheet of the second quarter of the year (30th March to 5th April) can be seen here. Walking the puppy once a day because of the Corona virus quarantine thing again, instead of splitting it over two walks a day until the government say it's OK to leave the house more than once a day again.

This is the second week (6th to 12th April) of once a day walks and the puppy forced me into an extra length between our neighbours on Monday. Here's this week's spreadsheet.

Third week (13th to 19th April) of once a day walkies and the puppy walked me an extra 3 lengths between our neighbours on Tuesday. Here's this week's spreadsheet.

Fourth week (20th to 26th April) of once-a-day walkies and she walked me an extra length on 3 days this week. You can see the spreadsheet here.

Fifth week (27th April to 3rd May) of once-a-day walkies thanks to the lockdown so we are really gonna struggle with twice a day walkies when this is all over and done with lol. You can see this week's spreadsheet here if you want to?

Week 6 (4th to 10th May) of lockdown and the puppy seems to be used to it now. When we're allowed out of the house more than once a day again, I'm gonna keep the morning walks the same as they are now and just gradually increase the lengths back up in the afternoons. This week's walkies spreadsheet can be seen here.

Seventh week (11th to 17th May) of lockdown, and the PM has relaxed some of the rules of the lockdown now, as of Wednesday... we're allowed out whenever we want and for however long we want, but we've still got to socially distance from each other. I've walked the puppy in the afternoons every day since then and totally worn the poor puppy out, bless 'er. It'll take a while for us both to get used to the afternoon walks again, but for the moment it's just short strolls in the afternoon. I'll give it a couple of weeks for us both to get used to the afternoon walks, then increase it again. Monday is gonna be a struggle for both of us next week lol Here's this week's spreadsheet though.

Week 8 (18th to 24th May) of the lockdown and the first full week of afternoon walks... the poor puppy has been totally cream crackered this week and it'll take us a while to get used to the slightly relaxed rules again, but you can see this week's spreadsheet here if you want to?

Week 9 (25th to 31st May) of the lockdown and the second full week of afternoon walks. The puppy is already wanting the second walk every day, but they totally wipe her out so I'm not pressuring her to do any more than she wants to. She's an old lady and starting to get too hot outside even first thing in the morning, so I'm taking my lead from her... she's fine when she gets going, but totally exhausted, hungry and thirsty by the time we get home, so I'm gonna take her out even earlier and later than we currently are, to see if that helps her to feel more comfortable while it's so hot out there. Here's this week's walkies spreadsheet.

Week 10 (1st to 7th June) of the lockdown and the third full week of afternoon walks. The puppy was making me a touch concerned that she was in pain from arthritis or whatever on Friday and Saturday this week, 'cos she was "a bit doddery" on Friday morning and very reluctant to go for her Friday afternoon and Saturday morning strolls with me, but was right as rain by Saturday afternoon and totally back to normal for both walks on Sunday, so maybe she was being a bit of a grumpy old lady or showing me a touch of Westitude or something just for those 24 hours?? I will love and appreciate her forever and I just want what's best for her is all. Same as every week, here's this week's walkies spreadsheet.

I had to self isolate all this week (7th to 14th June) and next week (15th to 21st June) ready for going in to hospital so the puppy had a week off, bless her. It's only day surgery so I'll be out the same day, but I'm gonna take it easy for a while after coming out to let my body recover from the anaesthetic.

I found out that the anaesthetist wasn't happy to put me under because of one of my disabilities, so I self-isolated needlessly for 12 days. I decided that because there was only 2 days of the isolation to go and I had a doctors appointment on the Wednesday, to carry on with the self-isolation and start again on the Wednesday evening after the weather had cooled down and I'd recovered from the appointment. The senior puppy dog and I have been slowly getting used to our twice daily strolls again and starting tomorrow (Monday) we'll be back to normal again hopefully. Here's the spreadsheet for this week (22nd to 28th June).

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