Happy New Year everyone. To start off 2020 (30th December 2019 to 5th January 2020) the puppy walked me a lot longer on Monday which inspired me to increase our walks again for 2020 so we're doing 750% on Tuesday to Sunday and 1500% on marathon Monday's. We did more than double that on Monday this week, but never again... it wiped me out too much for the rest of the week lol Here's the first spreadsheet of the year.

First full week (6th to 12th January) of doing the extra lengths and the puppy seemed to cope OK with the extra lengths, so we'll keep doing those distances for the next few months. I'm pondering on taking the puppy for an extra, but shorter, walk in the evening too, starting next week. I've asked Steve to edit the spreadsheet so that I can put the extra percents in a separate column and have a second bar on the graph... we shall see though - keep your eyes out for next week's entry to see if it's a single or double one lol Here's this week's spreadsheet.

We only missed 3 walks this week (13th to 19th January) 'cos the puppy was only getting her medicated baths for about 24 hours total and she really didn't feel up to walking the second walk the day after she came back, so we managed to achieve a huuuge 6100% extra this week, which is, I think, the most we've done for a very long time! Here's this week's spreadsheet.

Another 3 missed walks this week (20th too 26th January) 'cos of the medicated baths, but we still managed 5600% extra this week, so not as good as last week, but better than nothing! Here's this week's spreadsheet.

We missed 4 walks this week (27th January to 2 February) 'cos the puppy went back with Helen on Monday evening and didn't come back until it was too dark to safely walk on Wednesday. We did an extra 250% at the weekend after the puppy kept walking me both days. She was getting stroppy about her second walk not happening today (Sunday) but I took her out pretty much as soon as we got back from Steve's parents... it was only about an hour later than usual, but she likes her routine lol Here's this week's spreadsheet.

Missed 4 walks again this week (3rd to 9th February) 'cos of the puppy getting her medicated baths with Helen. We could, in theory have walked the morning before she went and the evening she came home, but she was feeling grumpy on the Wednesday morning and exhausted on the Thursday evening, so I didn't force her and we still managed almost as much as last week and she walked me extra extra's on three of the days, so I think we can be forgiven ;-) Here's this week's spreadsheet.

Only missed one walk this week (10th to 16th February, on Wednesday morning, because the puppy went over to Helen's on Tuesday evening and came back at lunchtime on Wednesday, so we doubled her afternoon walk to make up for it. We achieved a huuuuge 6800% extra this week, because we only missed ½ of a single days total strolls which seriously boosted the extra's total. When the puppy is back to being home every day we will hopefully do 7300% extra every week. I'd like to increase it again, just by an extra length or so a day, by the end of Summer... not gonna pressure either of us to do it if we can't cope with it, but I'd like to increase it a couple of times a year so that we can both keep the weight off and be healthier too. Here's this week's spreadsheet.

Another week (17th to 23rd February) with only a single missed walk on Thursday morning and an additional length on two afternoons too, which is even better! Thanks to only missing one walk this week, there's a huuuge 6600% extra in the bank! WTG puppy dog! You can see this week's spreadsheet here.

The puppy has been home for the entire week again this week (24th February to 1st March) as well as walking me 3 extra lengths this afternoon (Sunday) so the spreadsheet is looking very healthy this week with a huuuuge 7450% in the bank... definitely a good walkies week this week! You can see the spreadsheet here.

Totally smashed the extra walkies this week (2nd to 8th March)! Monday was the same as always, but the afternoon walks were timed as opposed to distance, so it was different lengths each afternoon which confused her a bit, but it makes it more interesting for her too 'cos it's not the same every day now. In only 9 walks, we've achieved a huge 5900% extra according to this week's spreadsheet.

Was having computer problems this week, so this weeks (9th to 15th March) spreadsheet is going up a couple of weeks after it actually happened. It's here now though.

This is the second week (16th to 22nd March) that was delayed. It's delayed by a week, but here again now.

Mitzi's been home all this week (23rd to 29th March) and the government announced, on Monday evening, that we're only being allowed to leave our houses once a day while the Corona virus thing is going on, so I just walked the puppy first thing in the morning on Tuesday to Sunday, which confused her a bit but we have to abide by what the government says so that we don't get a fine! The combination of the puppy being home all week and only walking her once a day, means that we've done a huuuuge 12,300% extra this week. So proud of us both and it's no wander that we've been so wiped out this week lol You can see this week's spreadsheet here if you want to?

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