Check back every Monday to see if I've forgotten to upload the weekly exercise spreadsheet lol

The first spreadsheet (10th to 13th January 2019) is here and it shows the percentage of the senior pup's walk each morning and the number of steps I did in total throughout each day

The second spreadsheet (14th to 20th January 2019) is here and it shows that I did over 1,000 steps twice this week... how awesome is that?!

The third spreadsheet (21st to 27th January 2019) is here shows that I did over 1,000 steps four times this week which is an double what I did last week!

This is the fourth week (28th January to 3 February 2019) of me recording my steps and percentages walked every week. Feeling particularly proud of myself for this week 'cos by lunchtime on Sunday there was a huuuuge 3000% extra in the pup's walkies bank which means we walked a huge 3.5km in seven days on top of doing over 1000 steps 5 times which is incredible. Next week is gonna be a lot less though after being so active this week... my body needs to recover! lol

This (4th to 10th February 2019) was our recovery week so we only managed over 1,000 steps twice and 1750% in the bank. Hoping to do 400% a day next week and make that our new normal.

This (11th to 17th February 2019) was an awesome week - especially on Saturday when we did 1000% in one go... no breaks half way through, just a straight kilometre straight off. Means that in just one day we walked a huge kilometre and a huge 4km in 6 days which is so totally awesome, right? Next week will be short walks so that we can recover again. So proud of both of us this week though... I know it may not seem like a lot to most people, but it's huge for me an' the pup!

Starting this week (18th to 24th February 2019) I'm going to add my side-step spreadsheet to the percentage and steps spreadsheet... assuming I remember of course lol here is my usual percentage and steps spreadsheet and we managed 2750% extra in the walkies bank by the time we came home on Sunday. That's 2km extra in 7 days. Here is my new side-stepping spreadsheet. Did better than I was expecting most days! Need to get my steps to over 1250 most days and the side-stepping to under 14 every day next week. Wish me luck! :-D

This week (25th February to 3rd March 2019) there was a huge 3000% in the walkies bank, which is 3km in seven days and I totally smashed my target steps count on Tuesday by doing 2,049 steps for the first time since I got the fitness tracker! You can see my senior puppy walking and steps count here and my side-stepping numbers here. Next week there will be a third spreadsheet to add 'cos I'm adding a spreadsheet with my daily distance in metres and calories burned every day so that I can make full use of the fitness tracker information!

This has just come up on my Facebook wall and it describes what I've learnt to do since I first became disabled back in the Summer of 1999:

This (4th to 10th March 2019) is the first week of three spreadsheets per week. Not sure I like the look of the third spreadsheet, so might have a bit of a play around with it ready for next week. Here's the percentage one - there was 4000% extra in the walkies bank by Sunday which is 4km extra which ain't too bad for a week's worth of extra strolling. This is the week's worth of side-stepping and this is the new daily distance travelled and calories that I burned.

This is the second and last week of 3 spreadsheets 'cos the fitness tracker broke after less than 3 months. Grrrrr. I'll still keep track of the percentages walked and the amount of side steps I do, like I did originally, there just won't be any information from the fitness tracker after these three. Not a happy bunny. It was another 4000% in the bank this week and I wanna try and aim for that every week if I can. If one of us really doesn't want to though, that's totally OK and there won't be any pressure from me, it's just my target each week is all. Here is the percentage sheet, walked spreadsheet and graph, here's the side-stepping one and finally is the last distance travelled and calories burnt one.

Another 4000% in the bank this week (18 to 24th March) and we're back to 2 spreadsheets again. Here is the percentage walked spreadsheet and graph, then here's the side-stepping one.

Another 4000% in the bank this week (25th to 31st March). Here is the percentage walked and here's the side-stepping one.

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