A new quarter of the year so a new page on my site. Here's this weeks (29th June to 5th July) walking spreadsheet with the puppy dog.

Just to spice things up a bit, the senior puppy has made the graph look a lot different to normal and kept me on my toes for 3 days this week (6th to 12th July) so please enjoy the different look to the normal numbers and graph for a change! The clever puppy can also count up to fourteen too, as she proved this evening (Sunday) on our evening walk! I'll shut up now and let you see what I'm yabbering on about here.

Things are different again this week (13th to 19th July) 'cos it was so hot on one of our morning walks. We swapped the lengths around just for that one day, but I wasn't going to let the puppy get sun-stroke if I possibly could. Here's this week's spreadsheet.

The senior puppy was really feeling her age by the middle of this week (20th to 26th July) so we missed one afternoon walk 'cos she really didn't fancy it. Thankfully, by the weekend, things were back to normal again. Here's this week's spreadsheet for you all.

The spreadsheet looks a lot different this week. The puppy dog was feeling her age again this week (27th July to 2nd August) so I took my lead from her again. You can see what I mean by that here. It's very unlikely that there will be an update to this page for the next 2.5 weeks, 'cos I've gotta self-isolate for 14 days before going in to hospital and I dunno how the anaesthetic will affect me when I come out. I'll update as soon as I can though, promise!

First 12 walks for 2 weeks this week (17th to 23rd August) 'cos of having to self- isolate then go into hospital for day surgery on Monday (17th). I felt brilliant which is totally unexpected and literally the only difference is that I've been having breakfast every day except Monday 'cos that's when I went in to hospital... my body still needs the supplements, just not as badly as last time! You can see this week's walkies spreadsheet here if you want to?

First full week (24th to 30th August) of walks since coming out of hospital and I don't feel anywhere near as bad as I thought I would, so having breakfast and supplements every morning are obviously what my body has needed up until now, just wish I'd discovered that 5 years ago is all lol There are 3 columns in the graph this week 'cos the puppy has really struggled to get going on a couple of mornings, so she's obviously feeling her age now, bless 'er. Here's this week's spreadsheet.

The puppy wasn't feeling too chipper at the start of this week (31st August to 6th September) so she missed her afternoon walk on Wednesday. Fortunately she was back to herself by Thursday morning and was back to her normal self again. She struggled with a couple of morning walks this week so it's another of the three column weeks that you can see here if you want to?

No matter what I tried on Saturday this week (7th to 13th September), the puppy really didn't fancy going for any kind of walk, even with Steve trying to get her to go too. Thankfully, by Sunday, she was back to her normal self again, so we're thinking that she was just having a rare off day where she didn't want to do anything other than relax and sleep the whole day, bless 'er. You can see this week's spreadsheet here if you want to?

Our senior puppy was really feeling her age this week (14th to 20th September) and the morning walks were a nightmare that she really didn't want to go on. The afternoon walks were better, but she wasn't excited about going on any strolls like she used to be. She missed Tuesday morning's walk and didn't even want to walk in the afternoon, so we did the morning walk in the evening 'cos that's the longest one, but I'm wondering if maybe we should swap the distances around next week, so that we do the shortest one in the mornings then the long bit in the evening to see how she copes with that? She's fine when she's got started, it's just the getting going that she struggles with. You can see this week's spreadsheet here if you want to?

Our senior rescue pup was groomed on Thursday this week (21st to 27th September) and she's back to the spritely little girl that she was before, so her fur must have been really heavy and hot for her to have to cope with, but she even played with her toys like she used to today (Sunday) which was awesome to see again. She hadn't been groomed since mid-March because of the COVID restrictions, so imagine having your hair growing and not being able to do anything about it because you haven't got hands and the hair cutting places are shut - that's what it was like for our little puppy. She was back to her cheerful self pretty much immediately... the first couple of walks made her anxious 'cos she was clearly seeing things again for the first time in months, but she's back to her normal self now. You can see this weeks walks here if you want to?

Last spreadsheet (28th September to 4th October) for this page. The puppy was a lot more willing to go on her walks again this week so having a body full of hot, heavy fur was definitely her reason for being so reluctant to go for the walks before she got groomed. She's back to her cheeky self and is full of Westitude again, which is awesome to see. You can see this week's walks here if you want? See you on the last quarter of the year's page next week!

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