Steve's joined us on three of our walks this week 'cos he wants to slowly increase his walking so that he can come to the ultrasound with me at the end of the month without either of us having our legs give way on us and not being able to get back up. The walking percents spreadsheet also looks slightly different this week 'cos it's counting up the percents we've each done as well as how much total extra that is. Over 5000% extra this week which is a new personal best for us. Maybe we're cheating though 'cos it takes the percentage off the total totals instead of just mine lol Steve's walked this week's 700% with the puppy and all my walking with her has been the extra's. Didn't do any side-steps at all yesterday though, so that's pretty good.

Steve only came out with us once this week, but because there isn't anything going on next week, he'll come out every day with us. Not sure I believe him but I'd love to be proved wrong! I'm thinking I won't do the side steps counting and spreadsheet any more 'cos I was only doing that when I had the fitness tracker around my ankle, which hasn't been there for aaaages now, since it broke, so next week (assuming I remember) and every week after that will just be the one image with the walking percents, hopefully with Steve too, like the last two weeks have been. He's only doing it to prepare him for walking me to and from the ultrasound on the 23rd but I hope he'll keep joining us after that too. Not going to pressure him, but the daily strolls have helped me and the pup to lose weight and Steve's obese so needs to lose a lot of weight too, so hopefully he'll join us after I've had the ultrasound too. I can only hope! Here's this weeks percentages and side-stepping spreadsheets.

The puppy has been with Steve's cousin for 5 days this week so I could only take her for 2 walks this week. She's potentially spending next week there too, and my heart is breaking. :*-( Not gonna do the side-stepping spreadsheet any more, 'cos that was only when I had the fitness tracker, so from now on it'll just be the walk percentages spreadsheet each week from now on. Here's this week's (15 to 21 July 2019) spreadsheet.

The puppy was only here for four days this week but we still managed over 2000% extra for the whole week! I've got a medical appointment first thing on Monday so I'll walk her when I get back, assuming I can of course! Steve didn't come out with me at all this week so it was just me and the puppy each morning, so it was pointless using this spreadsheet after all. I'm hoping he'll come out with us next week, but if he doesn't, I'll go back to using the spreadsheet with just me and the percents I do with the puppy on my own.

The puppy was with us for 6 days this week and we managed to do 3800% extra this week which is awesome. She's not gonna be here next week 'cos she needs intensive treatment again :*-( Here's this week's spreadsheet.

The puppy has only been with us for about 30 hours this week, so I only walked her once, but we managed to do a week's worth of walking in that day... just no extra's. Here's the spreadsheet.

The puppy has been with us all weekend and because she went back to be treated by the vet nurse again on Monday evening, technically she's been home with us for 3 days this week, just in two separate parts with a break of 4 days in between. Here's this week's spreadsheet with a week's worth of walks being done today (Sunday) alone, so Monday's and yesterday's walks were totally extra's!

Just like last week, the puppy has been with us all weekend, plus Monday makes three days of walks this week in two separate sections. Here's this weeks spreadsheet.

Just the normal lengths this week, but I'm still proud of us for doing a week's worth of walks and still over 1000% extra in only three days. So proud of you puppy! Here's this weeks spreadsheet.

Only walked the puppy twice this week 'cos she came home too late to safely walk her on Saturday, but I'll be walking her on Monday and Tuesday next week, as well as hopefully both days of the weekend too. Despite only two walkies with me this week, we still managed 1200% extra! Here's this week's spreadsheet.

We walked a little bit further by accident on Saturday, but it seemed to energise the puppy when we came back for some reason. She only wanted to do our normal length on Sunday so I wasn't going to force her. We still managed to walk 2600% extra this week though, so I'm not complaining! Here's this week's spreadsheet.

This is the last spreadsheet on this page 'cos it's only September on Monday and the other 6 days are October next week. Here's this week's spreadsheet showing a huuuuge 3200% extra and only 2 days with no walks with me 'cos she was getting treatment with Steve's cousin (the vet nurse).

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