There was only one day that I didn't walk the puppy this week (30th September to 6th October) because she wasn't here and as a result, there is only 150% off 4000% extra which is so totally awesome! Here's this weeks spreadsheet.

The puppy has done extra specially well this week (7th to 13th October)... she came home too late on Friday (11th October) to go for a stroll but she still managed to walk me 2500% extra this week, which is awesome. Here's this weeks spreadsheet.

Another good week with the puppy, this week (14th to 20th October)! 2650% extra in 4 days, helped along by an addition extra extra 150% today (Sunday). Here's this week's spreadsheet.

The puppy only missed two walks this week (21st to 27th October) 'cos she went back with Helen on Tuesday afternoon so she got an extra walk that day and she came back on Friday lunchtime so I took her for an extra stroll on Friday too! Thanks to the extra walk and an extra 50% on Tuesday, she managed over 3000% extra this week, even taking off a whole week's worth of walks, which is so totally awesome! Well done puppy! Here's this week's spreadsheet.

Another week with only a couple of missed walks this week (28th October to 3rd November) so we managed a huge 3150% extra, which is fantastic! You can see this week's spreadsheet here.

Another week (4th to 10th November) with only two days without walking the pup again... thank you so much for your support with the puppy, Helen! A huuuge 3300% extra this week - so proud of us both (she's a senior and I'm disabled so struggle to walk)! Here's this week's spreadsheet.

A great week (11th to 17th November) for walking 'cos we did 200% extra extra's so we both achieved a huge 3300% extra this week which is fantabulous! As always, here's this week's spreadsheet.

Just the normal lengths this week (18th to 24th November), but there's still over 3000% in the bank which is awesome! Here's this week's spreadsheet.

Extra lengths on Monday (100%) and Tuesday (50%) this week (25 November to 1st December), which means we did an extra 3300% this week which my OCD likes lol Here's this week's spreadsheet.

Just standard length walks this week (2nd to 8th December), but I'm thinking of reducing the lengths 'cos yesterday and today the puppy wanted to come home a lot sooner than last week. She's a senior puppy though, so maybe she's just starting to feel her age or something? Here's this week's spreadsheet.

Slightly over target on Friday this week (9th to 15th December) so my OCD is happy with the nice, round 3200% extra that we did this week. This week has been a lot different to last week for the puppy - much more willing to walk this week and was happy with our normal lengths so maybe she was just feeling her age last week? Here's this week's spreadsheet, same as always.

No extra extra's this week (16th to 22nd December) so my anxiety doesn't like the extra total for the week, but that's OK, I'd rather deal with the anxiety and keep the puppy happy than keep my anxiety happy and force the puppy to do more than she wants to. Here's this weeks spreadsheet.

The puppy was home for 6 days this week (23rd to 29th December) and she was walked every day so the spreadsheet looks awesome! She walked me extra extra's twice too, which really helped the extra percent total. Hopefully she'll be home every day soon... her health is more important though, so if she needs to keep going to Steve's cousin (the vet nurse) then that's what needs to happen. Here's this week's spreadsheet.

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