After getting a fitness tracker with a voucher for Christmas 2018, I've been really inspired to improve my fitness and hopefully my health too. The first fitness tracker gave up the ghost after 2.75 months so I invested in a second one to replace it. That one didn't work so I figured that I'd give it one more chance and invested in a Fitbit Inspire. It was expensive at £65 but was hoping that by forking out for something that was so much more expensive and came with a 12 month waranty too, hopefully it would last a bit longer.

When I read the instructions while it was charging up for the first time, I discovered that not only did it count my steps but tracked my food, sleep, liquid intake, sleep and exercise too!

Like with the walking page, I'm gonna put up a week's worth of spreadsheets on this page at a time. They will be in Excel format and I've turned off the editing so you will only be able to see the contents and not edit it... I hope, anyway lol I've got an image of the weekly report that I get via email too.