A couple of people have asked about how to create a website so I figured it was time for me to write a tutorial for them.

For this, you just need an internet connection, an email address and a web browser. It'll take maybe an hour to set up the first page then extra time for other pages you add in future.

I'll be using the Chrome browser and Bravenet for this tutorial because they are the ones I'm most comfortable with for website creation.

First up, you need to go to Bravenet and fill in your details on the form.

When you've filled it all in, hit the "create account" button

The next page has got a link right at the top that you need to click to verify your account

Now go to the email address you put into the form and look for an automatic message from "Bravenet Member Services" with a subject line of "Bravenet account confirmation". Have a read through and follow the instructions within it.

You'll need to confirm you're not a robot on the webpage but after you've done that you'll be presented with this screen:

The rest of it is totally up to you and your creativity, but just for the sake of this tutorial, we're going to create your very first website so hit the first (green) box and you'll be taken to this page:

Scroll up and down to find a design you like. I'm choosing this one here:

Click on the dark grey box and the page will scroll down ever so slightly to this part of the set-up:

Fill in your wanted subdomain. It needs to be unique so it might take a few tries but when you've found a unique one, click the "create site" button.

You now have your very first homepage the URL! Congratulations!

Click the button to go to edit your website and customise at will.
Hover over a default part of the page to bring up a greet box around it. Simply click and edit according to what you want to do and say on your site.

There's a snazzy little button in the top right of the editing bar that lets you add all kinds of elements to your page.

To edit other pages, just use the drop-down box to choose the page you want to edit and away you go.

That's the basics covered, the rest is just trying and seeing what the various bits and bobs do. It's automatically saved as you work on each page... welcome to the trials, tribulations, frustrations and triumphs of having a homepage!