OK, I admit it. I'm religious. Not Christian but Pagan, or more specifically, Heathen.

Don't worry, I'm not one of those religious nuts that shoves religion down your throat at every opportunity. I dislike that just as much as you. I keep my Paganism pretty much to myself unless I'm asked. I've got friends on Facebook that seem to only post Christian claptrap. I'm glad that they've found a religion that's so special to them, but it's not the only thing in your life, right? If it is, then maybe you should join a nunnery or monastery so that you can be with fellow lunatics.

Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against Christians or their religion, just the way that they feel they have to constantly express it to those who have no interest in it.

I'm determined to avoid being like that with my Paganism and keep it between me and my Higher Powers unless I'm asked.

That's a whole other rant though lol

Paganism, to me, is living within the natural world. Feeling the hugs, when I'm out in the natural world, from the fauna and flora. I quietly say hello and thank you every time I see something that isn't a human or pet. The seagulls and trees and weeds and flowers and a child discovering the joys of mud... that is my Paganism.

I pray to my God and Goddess whenever I remember and I've learnt to listen to their answers - they know what's going to happen and I don't, so if I get a thought or hint or message out of seemingly nowhere, I take full notice of it 'cos I've learnt that if I ignore it then things don't go as I'd hoped. Like with the studying for example. If I just shut up and listen to my Higher Powers then I score 100% but if my mind pushes the thought away and goes for what it thinks the answer is, then I'm likely to get it wrong.

Just doing this page I'm listening to my Higher Powers and they are giving me inspiration and hints about what to write. I know that if I push the thoughts away then I'll soon be hit by writer's block, my motivation will vanish and I'll stop achieving anything.

Just like is happening now.

I'm being told to shut up and publish this before I get myself into hot water.