out of 5

This is a fantastic bra... as long as you don't bend over in it! I slept in it and when I woke up my left "girl" (as my hubby called it this morning when I told him) had flopped out of the cup. No biggie, it happens sometimes with new bras 'cos they haven't moulded to my body shape yet, so still 5 stars.

When I walked our dog this morning though, she poo'd so I bent over to pick it up, like I'm legally required to do, and my left "girl" flopped out of the bra again. So embarrassing having to put her back into the cup in public, but it would have been even more embarrassing to have one side floppy and the other supported!

If I hadn't slept in it or picked up our dog's poo it would definitely have got the full 5 stars, but the floppidge (especially in public) means I'm knocking off a star. It's a fantastic bra though and will definitely buy it again when I need to.

The front fastening is fantastic if, like me, you struggle to put on a bra that fastens in the back... I can get dressed without needing to annoy my husband to do up the back for me now (my "girls" are too big to be able to do it up at the front then shuffle it round). If it was literally a centimetre higher up then it would have got a full five stars too, but the falling out of it means I feel I have to knock off that star.

A definite must-buy from me, for all the ladies out there.

out of 5
I'm always wary of things that say you can plug it in and use it straight out of the box... nothing to do with computers is that easy, is it? You have to turn this on and agree to that and read all kind of stuff, right? I'm not a new computer user and can handle the day to day use of a computer, but still have to pick the brains of my husband about things most days but I was determined to do my best to get this set up totally alone if I could, after all they made it sound really easy in the description so this would be a big test for it as far as I was concerned.

I nervously plugged the two leads into the right holes, plugged it into the plug socket next to my computer and into the USB thingy (and discovered an extra USB port and another thing that isn't a USB port but looks very much like it lol)... it whirred a bit which made me nervous in case I'd already done something wrong, but seconds later Windows Explorer popped up and there was a new drive! This one! I hadn't broken it after all... not yet, anyway lol

I clicked on the drive thingy in Windows Explorer and my computer instantly recognised it. My confidence was starting to build up ever so slightly now. Created a folder on this drive, and started off the backups. Surely it wasn't as easy as that, was it? I must have done something disasterously wrong like I always do with computers! 45 minutes later and all my backups (about 35GB worth at the time) had completely finished with no stress or anxiety or worry or even asking my hubby for advice or reassurance.

I've used it 3 times now and each time I've used it has been as easy and stress-free as that first time. It really is that easy. I'll definitely be buying it again when I next need to!

out of 5

Initially I was wary about this because it didn't seem to count my steps when I was wearing it on my wrist, so was going to send it back for a refund. Someone on the Fitbit forum suggested putting it on my ankle 'cos counting my steps was the main reason for buying it. That was perfect for what I wanted, except that I had to buy some tiny elastic bands to stop it from falling off my ankle, especially at night.

The bands are impossible to change and it takes several days for it to start logging sleep and exercise, but if you stick with it for a week or so then it starts working perfectly. There was a huge firmware update recently, which was frustrating but the users on the forum persuaded me to stick with it and I couldn't be without it now!

Logging food that isn't in the database is frustrating, especially as the app won't let you put decimal points in the numbers so you have to round up or down and get "uncategorised" bits in your food which is annoying and unaccurate if you are using it to track your food and water. You might be able to do it on the website, but what's the point in having to do it on there when you've got the app??

All in all it's a good fitness tracker, as long as you can put up with the little niggly bits and you're prepared to be patient when you first start using it. It's expensive but worth it in my opinion.

out of 5

This jumper is good, either layered under a cardigan in cooler weather or on its own in warmer weather. It washes well and the neck isn’t overly big on you if, like me, you're petite.

I love baggy clothes and this is just the right amount of bagginess for me. A definite wardrobe essential!

out of 5

These are fantastic! I’ve used one every morning to count the laps I do with our dog on our morning strolls which means I can enjoy our strolls without concentrating on counting the laps. Couldn’t be without them now! Well worth the price I paid for them!

If you need to count how far you exercise or how many laps you do or even your knitting rows, you won’t go far wrong with these, as long as you remember to keep clicking the clicker each time.

Simple but very effective for what I need it for!

out of 5

These are great! I bought them to go around the band of my Fitbit to stop it coming off my ankle at night and I used 3 of them doubled over and they are perfect for that! Maybe I just got lucky with the first 3 I used, but they didn't break apart and I've taken my Fitbit off my ankle to charge it up then put it back on three times now and the original bands that I put on are still keeping it in place fantastically.

The reviews that said the bands easily snapped kinda put me off slightly, but I'm glad I took the chance now 'cos I haven't had that problem at all... maybe those reviewers were pulling the bands beyond their stretchability? They are small and therefore don't have the strength or stretchability of a normal sized elastic band but if you remember that when you use them then you won’t go far wrong!

I'll definitely be getting them again when I finally reach the bottom of the container!

out of 5

This is brilliant and has kept me organised so that I don’t take too many pills accidentally and I can also see exactly how many pills I’ve missed each week.

The only reason that I'm knocking a star off is because each “tab” (can’t think of the right word) is difficult to open and it won’t last very long (months as opposed to years), but for the price it's already paid for itself IMHO and I’ll definitely buy it again and again whenever I need to!

If you have to take multiple pills, up to three times a day then you won’t go far wrong with this! I take 9 pills every day and need to take two of them separate to each other, so this organiser is fantastic for that. I can see that I've missed 2 pills in the last two weeks – I used to miss that a DAY before I found this… couldn’t be without it anymore! Thank you so so much to the manufacturer for coming up with such an awesome organiser!

out of 5

The cable completely broke off on my external hard drive lead. Totally my fault for wrapping it so tightly around the box when I wasn't using it.

I panicked.

Thankfully my hubby is a bit of a nerd and found this replacement for me.

I wasn't sure initially - what if the thin bit didn't fit in the hole? What if the thin bit on this was too narrow or too wide? I couldn't send it back 'cos I'm disabled and can't leave the street so it would be a waste of money.

I was wrong though.

I should have trusted my hubby's nerdiness.

The thin bit fitted perfectly!

I plugged it in and attached the USB thingy to my laptop.

Got an error message that something wasn't recognised.

I panicked and in desperation, rebooted my laptop. When I logged in I went to the file explorer thingy that shows all your files and it wasn't there.

More anxiety.

Closed down the explorer thingy and tried opening it up again.

Still nothing.

This new lead had better not have wiped over 1TB of back-ups from the last 4 years!

Fortunately I just needed to be patient 'cos less than a minute later it appeared in the list.

I nervously copied and pasted the backups from my One Drive account onto the external hard drive and it worked like a dream!

I agree with one of the other reviewers that the lead *could* do with being a bit longer, but it really isn't a huge deal because the thin end fitted the hole and it let me do my weekly back-up onto the external hard drive again which is all I wanted.

I will definitely buy this again if I need it and can't recommend it highly enough as long as you're prepared to be patient while it sets itself back up and don't mind rebooting and being patient with it.

Here's to hopefully many happy years of back-ups thanks to this power adapter thingy!

out of 5

I'm... OK with this purchase. It's a good fit and washes well, but could do with being longer.

I'm petite and it only just covers my belly so taller peeps might find that their stomach is exposed, especially when they lift their arms. That's the reason I'm knocking a star off it. If it had been 20-25cm longer it would have got the full five stars from me.

It's ideal for warm Summer days and a cardigan could see you through Autumn too.

Not the best purchase in the world unfortunately. Sorry. Just those extra few centimetres in length and it would have been great. If you're comfortable with your stomach being on show then you might give it 5 stars, but I don't like my belly so can only give it four.

out of 5

These sacks are wonderful! They really are heavy duty and we can put all sorts of rubbish in them and they've coped really well so far!

I'll definitely be getting them again as the roll starts to run out.

There's no way to tie the bags up when they are full other than tying a knot in the bag itself, but I knew that when I bought them.

If you need some sturdy, strong bags then definitely get these and you'll never look back! At 15p a bag you can't really go wrong, just be prepared for the weight of the roll when they are first delivered 'cos they are unexpectedly heavy and I really wasn't prepared for that so almost dropped them on my foot when they were delivered! lol

out of 5

I bought this fan 3 years ago, not expecting much given some of the negative reviews and the cheap price but it's been on all day every day for three quarters of the year for every one of those 3 years and we can't fault it at all.

I realise that some people say "if you buy cheap, you buy twice" but that hasn't been the case with this fan! It's been amazing for us in our small living room with a TV, 2 laptops, 2 humans and a dog creating heat but a little while after turning this on and the room is livable in again. After getting on for 900 days of use, often overnight and only turned off when we both leave the house it's done fantastically well!

The only reason that we're getting a new fan is that the blades/motor are getting a bit clogged up with dust and it's making funny noises now, so it seems to be telling us it needs to retire now. It's done fantastically well over the last 3 years though and I have every reason to highly recommend it for small rooms of about 10 feet by 12 feet that is used by high heat things (laptops, televisions, humans and dogs) or a larger room that doesn't use so many highly heated things throughout the entire day (bedrooms, dining rooms etc).

I can't recommend this fan highly enough!

out of 5

These have just arrived and I couldn't wait to try my first one... would they taste chalky? Would the liquid be too much for me to be able to hold in my mouth?

The answer to both of those questions is "no". I didn't find it at all chalky and the liquid I was expecting it to transform into was non-existent. More like a crumbly sweet than mouthwash.

You seem to be paying for the Listerine brand name rather than the product. I'll keep one packet in my bag, one upstairs and the rest down here in the living room in case we have a curry or something or I'm going to see someone either medically or professionally or whatever, but, to me, they are a total waste of money.

Think I'll stick to using my usual mouthwash instead of these. Huge waste of money.

Simply Supplements 5 HTP tablets 100mg
out of 5

These are amazing pills which work within a couple of minutes from the very first one! If you've never taken these before or you've missed a day or so then you might find you need two pills just for that first day but I've taken one a day for four days now and they are already working a lot better than the anti-depressant I had previously taken for 17 years.

So why am I knocking a star off if they are so great?

Purely because of the price. If you take one a day then it's almost £90 a year just for this one supplement which is more than a years supply of my other four supplements combined even taking one a day! If you take the maximum dose of three a day it's only 20 days supply for almost £15 which is even worse!

If the price was halved or the amount of pills doubled then I would have no hesitation awarding the full five stars, but right now it's just way too expensive.

I'll keep on buying them 'cos they work fantastically, but they just aren't as good value for money as the majority of the supplements on the site.

My CPN recommended them and said that they were the pre-cursor to anti-depressants and I can see why. If you need a quick low mood pick-me-up then definitely try these, especially if, like me, you suffer at the hands of SAD, but please check with your medical bod first just to be sure that they won't interact with any of your other meds.

Keep up the great work, Simply Supplements!

out of 5

I've bought and used this a couple of times before after a test of my vitamin B12, vitamin D and Folic Acid (amongst others) showed I was low in them all, so I bought myself a whole set of supplements and realised that the B12 injections I had to increase my levels made me feel more awake and gave me more energy before the needle even came out of my arm, so I got onto Amazon and found this and figured it wouldn't hurt to try it.

I'm on Prime so I got this the next day and I haven't looked back since.

I ran out of my last one a while ago and forgot about replacing it (gotta love brain damage as well as vitamin deficiencies, right?) until I was desperate for a boost at the weekend but I couldn't find the bottle of this amazing spray anywhere, so I ordered it yesterday, it arrived just now, I sprayed 3 squirts into the inside of my cheek, et voila! It worked literally within seconds and I feel more human again now!

I'm never going without it again and if you need an almost instant energy boost without caffeine (which I can't have for medical reasons) then I definitely recommend this!

Even if you aren't low in vitamin B12 but you feel run down and low on energy sometimes and you wanna be able to give your body a boost of energy, then definitely get this... it's worth every penny for me!

out of 5

I've got the original Kindle from when Amazon first started selling them and I mislaid my original charging cable so had been using my hubby's Kindle wire that was very very short which made my Kindle unuseable while it was charging because the lead was so incredibly short. I took a chance and invested in these instead in the hope that they would be long enough for me to actually use my eReader while it was charging up.

I've just plugged it in and turned it on and it was charging up straight away and the lead is just about long enough for me to read a book while it's charging up too, which is exactly what I wanted, so they are getting top marks from me!

out of 5

I always have problems with getting the right ink cartridge for my printer so I was absolutely astounded that I got it right first time this time!

I popped it into my printer, printed an alignment page (or whatever they're called), scanned it in and it was good to go in under 5 minutes and with no stress on my part!

I'll definitely be getting this cartridge again when I need to... gotta remember to turn my printer off as opposed to putting it on standby to see if that stops the ink drying up too quickly this time though.

out of 5

I had to buy this as an emergency 'cos one of the ferrules popped off the one I'd bought back in 2013 and it wasn't being made any more so I had to get *something* to support me when I went to the hospital appointment otherwise it would have been a wasted appointment and cost the NHS money that could have been put to use for something else, as well as potentially not putting the Neurologist in the best of moods to help me.

Considering it was under £20 and I got it the next day, with only two days to spare before the appointment, it's great!

The base bit where the legs are (can't think of the proper name for it, sorry) is about two thirds smaller than my previous one, which made me incredibly anxious but it's easier to use in tighter spaces like in our hall and kitchen and things like that.

Overall it's a good quad cane, it's just going to take a lot more practise using it on slopes and kerbs and stuff like that.

out of 5

My bathroom scales battery finally gave up the ghost and I've gotta keep an eye on my weight according to the nurse at my GP surgery, so I've been weighing myself every Monday morning and it's kinda my routine now, so got into a bit of a flap when the battery finally ran out of juice.

I had a look on the order to find out which kind of batteries I needed to get for it and these were a bulk buy of the batteries that I *thought* were the right ones and just hoped that it wouldn't screw the scales up if they were the wrong ones.

When they were delivered, I nervously replaced the dull battery with two of these, replaced the battery cover and pressed on the scales really nervously.

It worked! I'd bought the right batteries first attempt!

They've kept going ever since and I know which ones I need to get next time now!

Rituals body cream

out of 5

I got this sample through the post a few days ago and couldn't wait to use it. The dry skin from a burn that I got a couple of years ago was begging to be moisturised again... I usually use E45 on it but figured I'd use this sample instead and moisturise the rest of my thigh at the same time.

The sample came in a small package and it didn't feel like there was much in there but I opened it with an open mind and squeezed a small amount onto my thigh, thinking that I'd have to use up the whole sachet on just that one thigh.

I was wrong. That small amount covered my entire thigh by the time I'd rubbed it in, so I put another squeeze onto my other thigh too and that went in just as easily and for such a small amount it went a very long way.

I've got a pickable spot on each thigh, so I decided to risk moisturising those too, just in case it hurt my dry, burnt skin. Within seconds the cream was gulped up by the spots and they started to look significantly more healed and the cream hadn't hurt at all, so I decided to risk using it on the dry skin around my burn... this would be the ultimate test for me.

I squeezed the last of the sachet onto the burnt skin and prepared to cry out in agony, but I was wrong about that too. I carefully rubbed the cream into the skin and it instantly reduced the dry skin and stopped it being so dry and flaky and looks significantly less raw already now.

When I very first opened the sachet, I got the gorgeous scent of cherry immediately going up my nose... so far so good with the scent, but would it be so strong when I'd rubbed it in? Would it be too overpowering? Nope, the scent was just the right level so that I could tell there was something cherryey on my body, but it was just right so that my hubby didn't feel overwhelmed by the scent.

As long as it doesn't cost a bomb I'll definitely be getting it again!

JOJOANS 3/4 Pack Bra Bralette

out of 5

I used to wear sports bras, then decided to try "normal" bras again, then front fastening "normal" bras, but my "girls" kept popping out of the cups so figured I'd go back to my trusty sports bras again but couldn't find any in my size. This pack of bras popped up in the "other people bought" bit at the bottom of the page and I figured I'd give them a go.

They are OK but they don't offer much support and the pads get in a flap and have to be moved back into place after they've been washed. Maybe that's normal for slightly padded bras though? I'd never worn a padded bra before these so I don't know if that's normal or not.

Basically they are good for just being around the house and a quick trip to your local shop to get a pint of milk or whatever, but if you're not gonna be able to pop parts of your "girls" back into the cups when they start to come out after you've bent over a couple of times, then I would recommend something different and that's why I'm knocking off the star. They are comfortable and wearable, but not brilliant for support or much bending over.

Roman Originals Women Capri Trousers Cropped Pants

out of 5

I bought these with one of the vouchers I got for my birthday, put them through the wash the next day (same as I do with all new dark coloured clothes) and tried them on for the first time after I got out of the bath a day later... this would be the make it or break it for me - I'm petite (125cm/5 foot) so I was thinking/hoping they would be that bit longer on me... maybe down to my ankle or something?

I pulled them on and they were a little tight around my middle, but that's normal for all new (and even some older clothes that have just been washed and not put away yet) but that little bit of tightness gave my bum a very slight lift for the first time in my life.

They gave my belly a bit more of a bulge than I would have liked, but that's purely 'cos I've got a lot of flab around my belly and is the same with other clothes that aren't baggy so still a solid 5 stars.

I then discovered the two pockets over my bum... ideal for tissues for hayfever/cold seasons.

I put my socks on and discovered that their stretch was just the perfect amount to be able to pull them to the top of my knees so that I could put my socks on then pull the legs back down to my ankles without pulling my socks down with them, like leggings tend to do, which tends to stress me out more than it should.

When I pulled the legs back down, they ended up just about at the top of my ankle bone which is the perfect length for me.

I was starting to like these trousers more than I expected, so I decided to give them the ultimate test - my huuuge thighs. Leggings tent to make them look even bigger than they are which always makes me really self-conscious, but these trousers have somehow managed to noticeably shrink them to a more normal size which is a very rare occurrence for my body.... they were quickly becoming my favourite trousers and I'd only been wearing them for 15 minutes lol

Lunch would be the next test - if they could handle my belly expanding from a huge lunch without digging in then they would be perfect to me. As I was eating I was subconsciously checking to see how much I could eat before I became uncomfortable and had to stop eating.

I had seconds and the trousers were still incredibly comfortable around my belly... the ultimate test would be the traditional Christmas meal with my in-laws 'cos I totally pig-out that day and I'm usually bloated and barely eat on Boxing Day, so that's the next challenge for these trousers lol

The one and only thing that could be changed to make these the ideal trousers for me would be to make the belly bit as forgiving as the thigh bit... my thighs halved in size but my belly seemed to stay the same size.

Still a very solid five stars though and I'll be getting more of them... a definite wardrobe must-have for any petite ladies out there with large thighs!

Breville Blend Active Personal Blender & Smoothie Maker

out of 5

I bought this with one of my birthday vouchers and I've loved it since my very first smoothie using it!

It's quick and simple (but very noisy) to use and an incredible way to increase your way to getting more of your 5 daily portions of fruit and veg.

I've used it with raspberries and blueberries along with soya milk ('cos I'm allergic to animal dairy) and it's a quick (done from start to finish in under 15 seconds), easy and delicious way to get the goodies into you without any hassle.

Next up for me to try is blackberries (when they're in season, obviously) and bananas (which will take a few more seconds to blend 'cos they aren't as juicey as blueberries and rasperries but in the 2 weeks I've had this brilliant machine, I've had more fruit and protein (from the soya milk) in my body than the rest of the year combined.

If you wanna get more fruit into your diet but don't fancy the preparation of the fruit, then invest in this machine and a couple of punnets of raspberries (I recommend 20 per 600ml to start with, then adjust it according to your preferences) and a couple of tubs of blueberries (45-50 berries to start off with if you're having just a blueberry smoothie or 30-35 if you're combining them with the raspberries), and invest in a couple of litres of milk. Keep the smoothie machine in the same area you spend most of your time and the bottles in the kitchen so that you can just grab the bottle, fruit, blades and cap at the same time. I've got my machine in it box within reaching distance of the sofa so that I can just bring the fruit, milk, top and blades in at the same time, then just splash the milk into the bottle until it hits the appropriate mark (either 300ml or 600ml), open the punnets of your chosen fruit, count in the amount of berries you like, screw on the blades, turn the bottle upside down, attach it to the machine, put your ear defender things on, press the button for up to 10 seconds, detach the bottle from the machine, turn it the right way up, unscrew the blades, replace with the cap and drink. That really is all there is to it.

Washing it up couldn't be easier either - drain the goodness out of the bottle, fill it with 300ml of water, screw on the blades, shake vigourously for 10-20 seconds (depending on how dirty the bottle is), unscrew the blades, empty out the water, refil with clean water and repeat the shaking with the lid in place et voila! Done and dusted in under a minute!

I definitely reccommend this to absolutely everyone as a quick and easy (but very loud) way to easily get more good stuff into your body - I don't know what I did without it in my life now!

I love you plaque

out of 5

I bought this as a gift for my mum's birthday as a unique and honest gift about my feelings for her. I finish every phone call by telling her that I love her but I think she thought I just said it out of routine until she opened this gift but I think she realises that I'm speaking from my heart every time I talk to her now. Definitely a good buy by me for her birthday gift.

Review of "Care Clove Oil 10ml"

out of 5


Clove oil was recommended to me to help with my throbbing wisdom tooth, so I bought this with an open mind and I've just tried it for the first time in my life.

It works as well and as quickly as crystalised ginger for my nausea and it'll be a frequent purchase now and I always want a bottle of it in the house!

It made the corner of my mouth numb from where it must have seeped down the tip of the cotton bud but I can put up with that for the pretty much instant relief from the throbbing.

It tastes absolutely gross, but that's a tiny complaint in the grand scheme of thing to get such rapid relief that the full dose of paracetamol didn't even touch, so it'll be something to always keep in the house from now on.

If you've got tooth ache (especially wisdom tooth ache) then you need this and a packet of cotton buds in your house... it's a must-have for me now!

Review of "ONESING 25-120 Pcs Knuckle Rings for Women"

out of 5

I really wanted to believe all the positive reviews so ordered the 40 piece set.

It arrived and there were literally only 7 rings in the entire set that fitted me.

After wearing those 7 rings for literally less than 2 weeks, one of them completely broke after doing nothing more than typing on my laptop and washing my hands a few times a day after using the bathroom, so it got binned.

The other 6 rings are lasting better, but they have somehow become damaged so they aren't suitable to wear outside the house. Thankfully I'm pretty much housebound, so that isn't too much of a problem, but they are a total waste of money.

If you're looking for a *very* temporary set of rings that you'll only be using a few times before you bin them, then these are OK for that, but if you're looking for something that lasts longer than two weeks, then save up a few quid extra and get a better quality set. These really are only worth being used as a very temporary measure.

Review of "Hongzhi USB Headset"

out of 5

I needed an emergency set of headphones and microphone for an online interview and my previous set decided to quit on me, just when I needed them the most.

I couldn't afford much at the time and they had to be on Prime so that I would get them in time and be able to test them out so that I wasn't messing around with technical things that I don't have the first clue about on the morning of the interview - I just wanted a cheap pair of headphones with a microphone that I could just plug in to the USB port of my laptop and they would work straight away.

I paid £11.99 for these and got them the next day, crossed my fingers, plugged them into the USB port, a progress bar appeared for a few seconds, I loaded up the Windows control panel and tested the microphone, adjusted the volume and then tried to open up my favourite radio station online, adjusted the volume controller on the wire et voila - all set and ready to go in under 15 minutes.

They aren't the most comfortable ear pieces in the world, but that's a sacrifice I was willing to make for the price.

If, like me, you need a cheap set of headphones that are good to go immediately, then you really can't go wrong with these.