I only knew 3 of my 4 grandparents... both of my mum's parents and my father's mum. My father's mum died while I was taking my GCSE's and she spent my entire childhood living with us and was only put into a care home less than a year before she died. She was my Nana and I still miss her even now, 25 years later. She was the stability I needed in childhood and gave me the love that her son, my father, constantly denied me. I was told that she died of "old age" as a child but I'm suspicious that it was cancer that took her life, considering that's how my father died.

My mum's mum had a stroke and was cared for at home by her husband until she passed away a few years later. They barely got any help, my grandad had to do literally everything for her. That's true love and he stood by his marriage vows for getting on for 65 years until the stroke eventually took my grandma's life.

My grandad kept on living as best he could until he died a week after my father's funeral. He loved playing golf and Steve had just started playing it himself the first time they met. They instantly had something to talk about and my grandfather offered lots of tips on how to play golf. Steve is usually shy around new people, but that one similarity was the connection he needed to overcome his shyness instantly.

I will always love all three of my grandparents that I knew and will miss them for the rest of my life.