So what is the point of this page, aren't these just a page of spam sites? The answer to that is quite simply "no". It doesn't cost you any more for the product but it helps little old me to pay the bills! That's all! By willingly putting adverts for these companies on my site the company pays me a small amount as a thank you. Think about going to a restaurant... you sit down to eat and drink then pay the bill and leave a small tip. The restaurant gets your payment and I get the tip for sending you there in the first place! That's all!

All my sites are hosted with TSO Host and the more I buy from them, the more I love them! When they took over Namehog, I really wasn't sure I wanted to stay with them, but I was so so wrong! They are a fantastic company who can't do enough to help with anything on your account! I decided to get (just a domain), no hosting so that I could forward my writing site to it and it would be easier to say "for" instead of explaining that it needs to be the number four. I managed to get that set up all by meself, but I wanted the new domain to forward to the existing site. Started up a chat session, explained what I wanted to happen and in under 5 minutes it was working! Just like it had at Namehog! I definitely recommend you go with them and if you use that link up there ^^ you get money off as well as me getting a bit for sending you there!

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Live in the UK and trying to find an awesome vitamin/supplements supplier? I swear by Simply Supplements and have done since about 1999 or 2000. If you want 10% off your first order, just go here and put my name (Amanda George) and email address ( into the boxes at the checkout et voila!