It's been way too long since I last uploaded a photo of our puppy. She's a senior girl now (March 2019) but she will always be a puppy to us!

I took this photo of our baby girl on 11th March 2019. She's currently got a skin and ear infection which is why there's a patch of furless skin and her left ear is floppy in this photo. She's on steroids, an antibiotic and ear drops but she's recovering well after only 4 days.

It's been too long since the last video of our puppy dog so here's one to celebrate Ostara!

And a photo to go with it:

Steve's just taken two photo's of our sleepy pup. The first one she's fast asleep with her cute little tongue out slightly and in the second one she is literally just waking up... soooo cute!!

A day later and the pup is in the same position lol

Bless her tiny furry paws!

Another photo and video of our little girl in her favourite position:

And the photo that goes with it:

Three days later and there's another photo of the pup!

Just taken a video of the sleepy pup with her tongue sticking out. Gonna try uploading it straight here instead of going via You Tube first... wish me luck!

That didn't work so Steve's uploading it to YouTube for me 'cos it won't let me do it from my phone and the download fails each time I try to download it from WhatsApp. Grrrr.

And another couple of video's today!

She's actually awake and staying still in this video lol

This is a photo of the puppy fast asleep on the back of the sofa this morning (29th June 2019), bless her little heart!
A photo and video of the puppy aged 10 years and 1 day old. Can't decide if she was being grumpy or showing a touch of Westitude in the video lol

A day later and there are another couple of photo's of our baby girl. The second one is really blurred, but I've never claimed to be a good photographer and the puppy moved just as I hit the button lol

Four video's of the puppy today (5 July 2019)!!
First video:
Second video:
Third video of the day:
Last one for now, but it's only the start of the month, so there are bound to be more soon lol

Our baby girl has been out of the house for a looooong 3 days so far 19 July 2019) this week and I'm missing her like crazy. Apparently her thyroid isn't working any more which, the vet thinks, is what caused her skin irritation and why it wasn't clearing up so she's on some meds now to try and heal her thyroid and hopefully clear up her skin. I also think it's what caused her weight gain and why she was finding it so hard to lose it. We know what it is now though so we can treat her and hopefully restore her health back to normal again.

Here's a photo of her wearing the cone of shame last night 'cos she keeps biting her legs:

Hopefully it won't be long before she comes home now!

Just heard from Steve's cousin (the vet nurse) and she isn't happy enough with the puppy's skin yet so she wants to keep hold of her for another week. It's absolutely breaking my heart, but we have to do what's best for Mitzi and right now that's with Steve's cousin. She knows what she's doing more than us and is better placed to make sure Mitzi is as healthy as possible before she comes back to us. My heart is shattering, but we have to do what's best for the pup. There's two photo's to keep us going while away from us, but I'm missing her like crazy!

Steve's just sent me another photo of the puppy. Full frontal nudity this time, so can totally see why Steve's cousin wanted to keep hold of her for a bit longer... she seems to have a favourite place on Steve's uncle's lap over the last 5 days though, bless her! There's a chance that she might be coming home for a few hours tomorrow (22nd July 2019) which will be awesome if it happens! My heart has been torn to shreds over the last 5 days!

Love and miss you so much puppy!

Another photo of the puppy with another friend;

She's definitely coming over for a visit today... mid-morning apparently - soooo excited! It's like bringing her home from the Dogs Trust all those years ago all over again! Can't wait!!!

The puppy's home now!!! Only for a few hours, but she's home!!! Got four photo's and two video's of the puppy dog... hold on while I upload the video's to YouTube.

Not sure which of these video's came first but:


Lemme just resize the photo's so that they don't take forever to appear on your screen...
and and
Sorry about the messy floor... that's Steve's stuff that he can't be bovvered to tidy up so I've given up asking him now.

And another photo... planning on taking as many photo's and video's of her as I can today - I didn't appreciate her anywhere near enough until we were forced to spend 6 nights apart! Never again... I'm going to enjoy the rest of the time we have left with her from now on!

She's asleep in her basket in this one lol

The puppy is in her harness so all ready to rock and roll as soon as she comes to be picked up again

A couple more photo's of the senior puppy dog keeping cool in the sun:

Another photo of the puppy that Steve sent me overnight (26/27th July 2019) and apparently they might be having another spa day today (27th) which Steve thinks means they get the paddling pool out again... can't help hoping to see a photo of her on her back, wrapped in a fluffy white towel with cucumber on her eyes though lol

Another photo that came into Facebook at about 9pm last night, but Steve's only just told me about and I had to save it from Facebook myself 'cos the one Steve emailed to me wouldn't open in PSP for some bizarre reason! See if you can spot our puppy in the line-up?

Our baby girl is coming home on Wednesday!!!!!!!!!

She's going back for another wash on Saturday, but

she's coming home!!!

Here's another photo of our senior pup to keep us going until she's home for good again:

And in her usual position again lol She's allowed to now that she's the equivanlent of 70 human years old lol:

The puppy came for a visit today so got 1 photo and 4 video's of her. She's coming home for good on Wednesday (as in the day after tomorrow) and I can't wait!!
Here's the photo: and the four video's of the puppy are below:

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

And the last video of the day, video 4:

The puppy is here for another visit today (30 July 2019) and she's definitely coming home for good tomorrow. Yaaaaaaaay!

And a video of the puppy snoozing lol:

Wanted to make use of the puppy being awake and petted by Steve to video her while she's actually awake for a change lol:

The puppy wants some of Steve's popcorn in this video:

Another photo of the puppy. Back to being asleep again lol:

More photo's of the puppy... 8 already today and it's not even 5pm yet!

Steve's aunt posted a photo of the puppy to Facebook late last night (after I'd gone to bed on 30th July 2019) of the puppy relaxing with a cat.

She's coming home for good today though and I can't wait!

She's hooooooome!!!!

As usual, she came in, climbed over Steve's leg and fell asleep lol:

She's on pills for her thyroid and three meals a day instead of one. It'll be such a good feeling to take her out for her first walk in the two weeks she was with Steve's cousin (the vet nurse)! She's back home for good now though! Yaaay!

A couple of short and bad videos of our baby girl: and

And we're back to being asleep lol:

This is a loooong (3 minutes 20 seconds) video of our baby girl actually moving around this time. My camera skills are awful but it's better than nothing!