There are a wide variety of Higher Powers in Paganism. I thought you chose them, but I was wrong, at least for myself, 'cos my Higher Powers chose me, quite early on in my new religion.

So who are they?

They are the Green Man and Gaia.

I dunno if they are standard team-mates for others too, but for me they come as a team and I'm so grateful for their support over the last few years.

I used to know (or at least thought I did) which one of them was communicating with me but they are such a close-knit team for me now that it's like they're communicating with me as one instead of two. I occassionally get "this is Gaia/Green Man and you should do this" but usually it's just a feeling that I should or shouldn't do something (like with the studying) and they are right every time, unless I've not listened to them.

Over the years, I've learnt not to request big things like world peace or an end to world hunger 'cos they affect others and that just isn't possible unless I have permission from the person directly involved because I've got no right to potentially change someone's life, but for smaller things that just need fingers to be snapped, they usually answer unless it would change my future somehow. While I'm studying, I sometimes ask for the correct answers to the end of course assessments and they are usually answered because they don't affect anyone else or my potential future.

If someone asks for prayers then I'm happy to oblige but there's no guarantee it'll be acted upon because it affects others instead of just me.

I feel that I have a good relationship with Gaia and the Green Man and thank them as soon as I find out they've answered a prayer and I'm hoping the relationship will stay strong for many years to come.